Air Winches

Jacks Winches stock a huge range of Air Winches for Lifting, Hauling, Constant Tension & Man Riding applications. With a Range from under 1T all the way through to 18T they are an effective solution for most applications

Some of the reasons for choosing an air winch:
• Air winches are simple, rugged, reliable sources of enormous lifting and pulling power for their weight.
• Air motors cannot burn out; they can be stalled all day without damage,
making air winches ideal for tensioning applications, such as holding a barge in place.
• Air winches have exceptional load “spotting” ability.
• Speed control is variable.
• Air winches are well-suited for applications in hot, cold, dusty, dirty, explosive and wet conditions. They pose no electric shock hazard & require no special enclosures.
• Air winches have an unlimited duty cycle.
• Air winches are easy to service, maintain, and repair.

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