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Leading winching equipment supplier in Australia & Singapore

Established in 2001, Jacks Winches is now recognized as one of the leading providers of winching equipment for hire in Australia & Singapore.

We supply high quality winching equipment for hire; serving the energy, mining, construction and marine sectors. Our equipment is highly specialized and suitable for a wide range of uses; from small jobs to large complicated projects involving multiple pieces of equipment.

We have bases in Welshpool, Perth in Western Australia and in Tuas, Singapore to meet the demands of the regional market. This makes Jacks Winches the leading winch equipment hire specialist in Australia and Singapore.

Our fleet exceeds 200 winching assets that are suitable for pulling, lifting, man-rider, mooring and load positioning. We offer control and cover capacities from 150kg to 150 tonnes in conventional “drum” winches and up to 400 tonnes in linear winches.

We see our clients as partners and see their success as our success by providing unfailing equipment and support from our experienced team. Their collective experience, knowledge and attention to detail covers the majority if not all of our clients’ lift and shift applications.

Our compact team structure and dynamic management philosophy enables us to respond to challenges as they arise without compromising on deliverables. Our ongoing involvement with major onshore and offshore projects provides us with the opportunity to gain knowledge and improve our equipment designs and our services. It’s the application of this continuously acquired knowledge that produces outstanding results when it comes to sourcing and providing the right solutions for our clients.

We regularly update our equipment with the most modern, durable products available to ensure that our clients’ needs are correctly catered for. We recently expanded our fleet including the planned replacement of aging winches and the introduction of new products including:

  • 100 tonne compact winches
  • 30 tonne long fall air powered chain hoists
  • Zone 2 rated hydraulic power units
  • Zone 2 rated load monitoring systems
  • Programmable hydraulic constant tension winches
  • 300 tonne and 400 tonne linear winches
  • Hydraulic spooling winches and
  • Hiab-type portable deck cranes

Our fleet also includes products and accessories such as:

  • Air chain hoists
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Diesel air compressors
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Running line load cells
  • Directional control valves
  • Dryers
  • Receivers and cable rollers

We attribute our success to our “do it once and do it right”- philosophy.  This credo underpins our entire operation and inspires us to provide comprehensive service solutions no matter what the project or task.

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