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Winches and Heavy-duty Equipment Hire

Jack Winches specialises in heavy-duty equipment rental for the energy resources, mining, construction, telecommunication and electrical industries. We are the leading supplier of winch equipment for hire in Australia and Singapore.

Additional Services

In addition to providing specialised rental equipment, we offer clients the opportunity to utilize our infrastructure and expertise in winching related products, with the following services;

  • Winch operators
  • Winch inspection
  • Winch repair
  • Winch testing and certification
  • Rope spooling and de-spooling
  • Rope replacement
  • Chain hoist servicing, repair and testing
  • Hydraulic jack repair and testing
  • Load cell systems
  • Rigging and winching product selection

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InSPEC Service
InSpec Service

NATA accredited frontline risk management resource

Ensures project assets compliance with Customer requirements

Subject Matter Experts AUS/UK relevant standards and legislation

Modern NDT technologies. ECI process to protect coatings integrity and minimise labour

Digital reporting platform delivers immediate reports online


  • Online reporting system
  • NATA Accredited Inspection Services
  • QA/QC Pre-loadout DROPS Inspections
  • ROPE Access
  • Rigging Equipment / Height Safety Inspections
  • Certified Visual Inspection CVI & Proof Load Testing
  • Fixed & Mobile Wire Rope Socketing, Inspection and Punch-out
  • Evaluation of Pressure Testing & Hose Management
  • DROP Surveys and Awareness Training
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • LOLER / PUWER Surveys
  • Advisory services
  • OCTG Inspeciton
  • DRONE Inspection


Pipe laying
10 tonnes

Pipe pulling winches & Pipe rollers

Jacks Winches owns and operates 300 tonne and 400 tonne linear winches. These bad boy winches are available for hire from our Australian and Singapore bases. High capacity linear winches are used primarily for shore approach pipe laying, module load-outs, pre-tensioning and testing of moorings and similar infrastructure.

Each linear winch spread comes with our own operators and can be packaged with spooler winches, anchorage rigging and hauling ropes as required. They come with a dedicated service and spares container, fully equipped to minimise the risk of downtime and lost productivity midway through a job.

To date Jacks Winches’ linear winch teams have successfully completed critical shore approach pipe laying in remote locations in Australia, Brunei, Myanmar and Indonesia. Our track record in delivering on time without incident speaks for itself.

Contact us for your next linear winch pulling project.


The more complex and mission-critical winching jobs require more experienced technical staff to operate the equipment. We work out the best approach and send our most suitable staff and experienced operators to offer the necessary support, for the more complicated projects.

Most of the time it is possible to assist our customers by teaching them how to operate the winches confidently by themselves.

Our experience and expert knowledge in the industry allows us to assist companies and projects in the construction, marine, oil and gas, and industrial sectors with confidence, and supply the most up-to-date heavy-duty winch hire equipment and services available.

Hauling Pipe Ashore using Amyclyde Linear Winch

We provide full technical support and advice on-site before and during the installation and commissioning of equipment.

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