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Winches and Heavy-duty Equipment Hire

Jack Winches specialises in heavy-duty equipment rental for the energy resources, mining, construction, telecommunication and electrical industries. We are the leading supplier of winch equipment for hire in Australia and Singapore.

Additional Services

In addition to providing specialised rental equipment, we offer clients the opportunity to utilize our infrastructure and expertise in winching related products, with the following services;

  • Winch operators
  • Winch inspection
  • Winch repair
  • Winch testing and certification
  • Rope spooling and de-spooling
  • Rope replacement
  • Chain hoist servicing, repair and testing
  • Hydraulic jack repair and testing
  • Load cell systems
  • Rigging and winching product selection

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Factory Inspection
Factory Inspection

We coordinate with our clients and third party inspectors to complete pre-dispatch function testing and audit requirements.

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Jacks Winches provides fully maintained and tested equipment. We supply ropes, winch accessories and in-house spooling services. We ensure all your details and interfaces are considered and completed.


We assist clients with planning their lifting equipment selection, as well as with the configuration details for the project. Contact our experienced staff at either our Australian or Singapore bases.

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