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Drum Dimensions (mm)Equipment Dimensions (mm)
AppLine PullModelPowerBrakeDFLLWHMass kgImageSelect
p350350T Hercules Linear Winch HydraulicHydraulicN/AN/AN/A125982160115034000
p318318T AMCLYDE Linear Winch HydraulicHydraulicNANANA170010001290026500
-1100100T JW100 Winch HydraulicAuto Band Brake720190098035002400215012000
l150150T TIMBERLAND A132012H HydraulicAuto Disc6602286208346643210333027000
l8585T BRATTVAAG SL85 HydraulicAuto Band Brake7001790100026002500300012000
p8080T David Brown K1 DieselTwin Disk12251970145034002200345523000
l5050T Ugland HydraulicDual Auto Band Brake10641595157538002050249015000
l5050T HAGGLUND HydraulicAuto Band Brake7201720120026002544300010000
l4040T HAGGLUND HydraulicAuto Band Brake640200012002650205023509000
l3838T HAGGLUND HydraulicAuto Band Brake64017006102050200021007500
l3030T LAKESHORE HydraulicAuto disc + Auto Band Brake76213207112050170020005500
l3030T WA30-40 HydraulicAuto Disc50896510161490140027502634
l3030T Reneau RSH20-1 HydraulicDual Auto Band Brake5101070601570145020005600
l2525T WA15-40 HydraulicAuto Disc50896510162100116811001650
l2525T WA15-24 HydraulicAuto Disc508965610151811689651451
l2525T HAGGLUND HydraulicAuto Band Brake50010008001120140014506000
l2525T Staffa HydraulicAuto Band Brake430130012401800153030004500
l1818T – 9T IR 35UWD962 AirAuto Band Brake4069149141054116223371650
l17.818T – 10T IR FA10(i)-40 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc50896510161168101621091670
l17.818T – 10T IR FA10(i)-24 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc5089656101168101617031460
l1616T – 7T IR FA7T-36 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc40676591496596518811100
p1515T SYKES TR2 DieselAuto Band Brake460110010003100216514006000
p1515T ZICOM Double Drum HydraulicAuto Band Brake4408508601700170025005000
l1414T – 10T Lebus GA (Fast Winch) HydraulicAuto Disc Brake75012505251279141014252650
l1313T – 6T Diesel C/W Side Capstan DieselAuto Disc Brake460110010003100216517003680
l1313T – 6.8T IR 35UWC592 AirAuto Band Brake32476260986494319411021
l1212T – 6.3T IR 25UWB1142 AirAuto Band Brake3247627629669781867974
p11.811T IR FA5T-30 Air Or HydraulicManual Ext. Band Brake391686762889103918533000
l11.811T – 5T IR FA5(i)-24 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc3816866108609501141950
l11.811T – 5T IR FH5-16 HydraulicAuto Disc3816864068609501141950
p88T Mooring Winch C/W Side Capstan HydraulicManual Ext. Band Brake Freewheel dog clutch35510005701530180023004000
l77T – 5T Diesel Winch DieselAuto Disc3247506001630175018801300
l77T – 5T Lebus GA (Fast Winch) HydraulicAuto Disc Brake76012505251239141014252250
l77T – 4T Diesel Winch C/W Side Capstan DieselAuto Disc3247506001630175018801300
l77T – 4T Diesel Pendant Ctrl C/W Side Capstan (Optional Loadcell) DieselAuto Disc4008009952050180021051300
p6.86T IR K6UL36 AirManual Ext. Band Brake3305979146108501797930
p6.86T IR K6UL AirManual Ext. Band Brake3305976106108501486709
l4.54.5T – 2.5T IR FA2.5i-24 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc2734836106107401400459
p44T IR K4UL AirManual Ext. Band Brake2194835085537241245426
l44T – 2T IR FA2i-24 Air Or HydraulicAuto Disc2734836106108601400386
mr3.13.1T IR FA5MR-24 Man rider Air Or HydraulicInternal Auto Disc + Ext Auto Band3816866108897321703910
l33T – 2T Diesel Winch C/W Side Capstan DieselAuto Disc240640600140017401550900
p33T Jakes Trailer Mounted DieselNANANANA2030160033001800
l33T – 2T IR FA2B-24 AirAuto Disc, Sprag Clutch2354326106008301500300
p2.42.4T IR PS2400RGC-L AirAuto Disc Freewheel Clutch18029036030540066877
l1.52.3T – 1.5T IR LS1500RGC-L AirAuto Disc18029036030540066866
l2.22.2T IR HUL AirManual or Auto Ext. Band Brake1783873864066061033255
mr1.41.4T IR FA2.5MR24 Manrider Air Or HydraulicInternal Auto Disc + Ext Manual Band2734836106108331429534
mr11T IR FA2MR16 Manrider Air Or HydraulicInternal Auto Disc + Ext Manual Band2734834066105971027406
p0.90.9T IR BU7A AirManual Ext. Band Brake11421611425440050340
mr0.15IR LS150RLP Manrider AirInternal Auto Disc + Ext Auto Band244442300593650689210