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Pipe pulling winches & Pipe rollers

Jacks Winches owns and operates 300 tonne and 400 tonne linear winches. These bad boy winches are available for hire from our Australian and Singapore bases. High capacity linear winches are used primarily for shore approach pipe laying, module load-outs, pre-tensioning and testing of moorings and similar infrastructure.

Each linear winch spread comes with our own operators and can be packaged with spooler winches, anchorage rigging and hauling ropes as required. They come with a dedicated service and spares container, fully equipped to minimise the risk of downtime and lost productivity midway through a job.

To date Jacks Winches’ linear winch teams have successfully completed critical shore approach pipe laying in remote locations in Australia, Brunei, Myanmar and Indonesia. Our track record in delivering on time without incident speaks for itself.

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